Just for you in Toulouse
Oh my west

January 25-28, 2018


The workshops are organized across several thematic modules.

Why is that? Modules will allow to work intensively on a very dedicated theme, in order to better make it your own and master it thanks to the education received from the WCS champions.

Each module lasts 2 hours and a half.

We would like to remind you that each module has a pre-required level based on the content of the module. We would apreciate to be respectful of that.


Here are the themes (there could be some changes):

Module 1: How to save...a dance

Description: Learning the proper way to handle certain situations, cleaning lines and shapes.

Required level: Novice / Intermediate


Module 2: Stole the Show

Description: Your eyes are shining when your idols are dancing, well try to be them just once ;-)

Required level: Advanced/Pro


Module 3: I’m out of SWING

Description: WCS is a SWING Dance, and we’ve been told we miss swing in our dance…Add the true essence of Swing into your dance with certain Rhythms, Techniques and Footwork!

Required level: Advanced/Pro


Module 4: Dirty Pop

Description: How to dance to popular music, hip hop, acoustic, etc. Changing your style to adapt to what you hear…

Required level: Novice/Intermediate