Just for you in Toulouse
Oh my west

January 25-28, 2018


There are 2 very different levels for the classes:

  • Novice/Intermediate:

You are at the very beginning learning stage, you master the WCS basics and you want to learn more variations.

You can dance on a complete song without mistake, without being off tempo and you’re able to lead your follower or follow your leader.

  • Advanced/Pro:

You master this danse and you’ve got your own style; you’re looking for more technique and footwork.

You’re addicted to WCS and you stay all night long on the dancefloor during social dancing.

This class is open to professional dancers, competitors and instructors.

Do not over estimate your capabilities and do not underestimate this class. Patterns will be barely worked on. There will be a focus on technique exercises (connection, slot position, ...)